The Daley Grind EP

by I AM D

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The Daley Grind EP


released February 17, 2014

Written & Recorded by T. Daley
Mixing by T. Horn & C. Ludik
Mastered by Dave "Dog" Atkins

Special thanks to B. Saywell, J. Iovenitti, S. Fogarty, K. Stewart and all my friends and fam for all your work in helping make this become what it's become.

Bliss, Khrysis, Cam Bluff, Dave "Dog" Atkins and especially Tommy Illfigga (Could not have done this without you). Joe Ave. You're all Lords.

Born Fresh

9-5 is how you survive.
The Daley Grind is do or die.



all rights reserved


I AM D Brisbane, Australia

9-5 is how you survive.
The Daley Grind is do or die.

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Track Name: A or Bee (Gees)
9-5 is how you survive
But the Daley Grind is do or die

Ey, Ey, Ey

Ey, this ain’t your everyday nine to five (five)
For every step I take forward I go four behind
Do I, choose A or B (Gees) for stayin’ alive
(Hi) welcome to the Daley Grind

Well, Welcome to the Daley Grind
Well, Welcome to the Daley Grind
Well, Welcome to the Daley Grind

(Verse 1)
I guess the question is why, It's on my mind all the time
And should I delve in or just sit and recline
just to find a bit of comfort and take the easy route
For now or find the root and try to figure it out

I went A, for way too long and often
As of late, B's been the only option
Now I see, a little clearer when I'm feelin the ride
I AM D, but for now I am me, ego's aside

I'm not even thomas daley or made to be thomacide
Diving deeper though i complicate everything simplified
So i find, or so it feels or so it seems, real for a second
I thirst for enlightenment like a blessing

But never count it, like whats the point, it's short lived
I found it but i'm anticipating loosing it, give
Is hard to come by, all I, witness is take
Makes a man take interest in nothing but his his mistakes

Ey, if that's the case I shouldn't let reason take,
over and be leaving everything up to fate
Notice I'm living most of my present moments in either
the past or the future, I'll take a camera and shoot ya

Ironically though I'm focusing on the picture
Then focusing on the moment I'm glad it's got auto focus
It took a mystery illness and my throat to erode
to look at life from the angles I've seen in order to grow

So, many notes in my iPhone though
My adams apple, zone, feeling like i could choke
Gastro-entoroligists followed up endoscopes
Showing there’s nothing wrong, saying I'm free to go

I know that'd be ideal if i didn't feel
Exactly the same when I came in for real
About a year ago, being sent home
With a box of pills, doc they're making me ill

These consultations I'm taking no time for an explanation
They diagnose me the same as the rest of these other patients
My patience is wearing thin, my symptoms feel like complaints n
Just writing up a prescriptions not justifying my payments

Fuckin listen to what I'm saying
I thank the higher for rapping and taking all my frustration
I could be writing pages and goin’ in like the matrix
But I dunno how to say half the shit my being is faced with

Man i could go on for days with it, nights with it
battle of the brain and i'm game enough to fight with it
WHY? thats the mother fuckin question
Don't be a bitch count your mother fuckin blessin's

And I've just seen it right now as I write it down
Bless sins..
I guess, the next question is...

Ey, this ain’t your everyday nine to five (five)
For every step I take forward I go four behind
Do I, choose A or B (Gees) for stayin’ alive
(Hi) welcome to the Daley Grind
Track Name: Mid Mid Life
Intro - (Hook)
So who am I? I am me
I am, coming through pussy, I AM D
The right side of C, Left side of E
Smack bang in the motherfuckin’ middle that’s me, that’s D

The man with two sides
The drive of a dynasty despite their demise
I AM.. D motherfucker
You better, better, duck for cover or

At least be silent for the next three
At least be silent for the next three
Cause there’s a fine line between
Kind and weak, you don’t want either side to speak

(Verse 1)
(Ha!) I AM D, silence for the next 3
It's kinda funny that Khrysis on the beat
Cause I'm goin through a mid mid life one of those
And we on different boards so It's time to bring the heat

Well I do it, yep said I do it
The flows so animated, said I drew it
Brought it to life, no dream works, forget it
I got a dream and it's, in the works to get it

(Yep, you said it, ey call a medic
Somebody's talking shit and they're gonna regret it)
Man Down! For tryin'a take the credit
Every time things bigger than I come to mind

That's the other side of my, brain saying to dead it
I need a paramedic or anesthetic
(But if you put me to sleep then that means
you will be too)

Will that spark the dream or a nightmare, It's kinda backwards right there
Me and you don't have a clue how to fight fair
And yo it's rare but when we get it together then it's
Flyer then Jesus like I landed a christ air

But you ain't ever there till something bad happens
It doesn't take a genius seeing that pattern
You’re something like a deadbeat dad
The part of me I wish wasn't I'd cut you off in a flash


(Verse 2)
(Ha!) So tell em’ all the D's sick
But never paid a visit to girls with no english
Clean with it, I got OCD,
If D studied IT he'd C, A G in it

Each week tax free but it's no biggie
I'm heelflippin’ the same crates they go diggin'
Just as well I'm suited to the music
Like a Sinatra musical up in Munich (uh)

Looking like a million bucks
But, horny enough I give a million fucks
(Uh), meaning I feel the devil creeping up
But, feeling I finally made it out the rut

Track Name: U-God
And the ignorance got us saying
And the ignorance got us saying
And who do I blame

And the ignorance got us saying'
The ignorance got us saying'
The ignorance got me sayin'
I'm sane

(Who do i blame)
Once again I've fallen a victim
I'm hanging by a thread call for help and nobody listen
(Who do i blame)
Why won't any body admit it
Those I'm closest with, are drifting' further by the minute
(Who do i blame)
This is far from my own doing
I've got my finger on it but problems keep on moving
(Who do i blame)
You keep saying that you're the victim
If you take your finger off it it's obvious who the print is

(Verse 1)
So can I blame you god?
You seem easy to blame
I learned about you back in school god
How everything was made in your name

I remember asking you is this true god?
Back when I was like 8
Cause I began to understand bad news god
And I ain't heard from you to this day

So many predators around I feel I gotta pray
So many editors I better watch what I say
Feeling like federer when competitors took his place
Realising water slip through the fingers, can't hold the reign

Paranoia on my brain, I Swear to you god (uh)
I'm never smoking reefa again
No one to teach ya why you're feeling a certain way
Day to day, why it deepens, and then just goes away

Yeah, Guess that's why I'm looking at you god (uh)
I'm getting desperate for clues god
And all these people claim to be the new god
Cause none of em shared the same room as you god

Yeah, I think our meeting's overdue god
Uh, I think our meeting's overdue
And some of us claim to be the new god
Damn, Where were you god


(Verse 2)
(Preach!) I know i said I think our meetings overdue
But i ain't ready to go, cause i got too much to do
and i got too much to prove, just show me something, I'm suffering
Musnt've done enough back at school mass paying dues

kneeling on church pews n receiving the lamb of god
is this the recoil of my whole black sheep facade
It can't be, I know so many others who've played the card
And seen it all through a shepherd instead of stayed on the farm and

What's harder for me's tryina be calmer
When I'm pissed off at the world and fearing what could be karma
Is it me though? my cuff is folding up like these chinos
And people act like they know all the answers when really we don't

Over thinking got me so over thinking
I couldn't do the un-thinkable though, too much thinking
I stay afloat when I'm sinking, I'll make it broke, it's do or die
These contradictions kill me inside, So who do I..

(Oh Shit! Did D just switch the beat up!)


Yeah, just when I think I’m on top of things
The old wound stings, my whole mood swings (yeah)


(Verse 3)
(yeah) Nobody willing to be the captain of ownership
And sail it, through rough seas
Rough c’s like the third letter in the alphabet
Being written, with parkinsons disease

And who does that reflect, who does that reflect?
I’m shaky my confidence gone I’m trying to catch my (breath)
And who does that reflect, who does that reflect?
I’m panicking, damn, It’s me..

So bring me, bring me back down to earth
Track Name: The Moment
Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey-Ey

I be I be (up up!) When the sun is (down down)
Wishing on a star hoping you would come a(round round)
Go and start the car put the pedal to the (ground ground)
I promise the climax will be higher by the (pound pound)

(Verse 1)
Stringing together sentences through the wi-fi
For all I know you could have another guy
I doubt it though, cause you play it cooler then dre
i mean the dre who cool with cool, and cool with dre, anyway!

So do I, backspacing everything that I say before I send it
You straight up, break the rules when i bend it
Legend, has it that you're from Venus i don't believe it
She's from, planet snickers, without the peanuts or penis

She into the same shit I'm into, it ain’t convenient
It’s genius she symbolize my first wish from a genie
She that ride or die type, that Bonnie n Clyde type
That good girl gone bad if you work her mind right, right?

Fuckin’ right the work is worth it no she ain't a virgin
But she still in single figures with the hitters that she's learnt from
Don't take this the wrong way, but I've got something to say
No diseases, Jesus, that’s a double come clean, ey!

(Things ain’t been the same, since you went away)
Well-o Well-o Well lucky I’m right here dear

This time around, I’m going through the motions
Keep it cool, I keep it cool let’s not get tied up in emotions
Yo it’s late I’m half asleep, but I’ll keep the door open
If you feel like coming round in the heat of the moment, Oh and..


(Verse 2)
Sarcasm and laughing that’s no kidding
The sound of music the movie and how the flows hitting
Kendrick Lamar n Abel when he sings
These are a few of her favourite things

Mix that, with butter beanies and sneakers boy she a freaker
I need her, she an open book, lucky, I got time to read her
And that Daley Grind Go! Despite, the lack of features
But she just the total opposite boxes ticking like time bombs I'm on

I slide in, and I'm about to blow!
No really though, she didn't have to fake a period I show her how to switch the flow
Then I woke up, on the left side of the bed, rolled over, she was up side giving head
Then I woke up, what you mean it was all a dream, motherfucking..

Inception, Inception
Feeling like Leonardo Di Caprio with erection
Spent my morning, in mourning, reminiscing, my queen
Listening to, money trees, still reading, word up magazine



Track Name: Fools & Kings
Blaow! Here come the drama

(Intro) - whispers
(fools and kings, and kings
fools and kings, and kings)

God damn we some fools and kings
Man tell me why we some fools and kings
Good lord we some fools and kings
Girl tell me why we some fools and kings (uh)
I know we some fools and kings (uh)
You know we some fools and kings (uh)
They know we some fools and kings (uh)
Yeah they know we some fools and kings

(Verse 1)
I, apologize as of late for anti social behavior
And to a, select few thinking I tried to play ya
Who never messaged back for a reaction
Man that, passive aggression was the biggest distraction

(ah ah) Penciled in dinners with em I was enjoying the supper
Call me a motherfucker I was still drawn to the other
Wondering if I could have it again
It’s either, lovers or haters there’s no magic as friends Lord!

My guilty fantasies driving me up the wall (uh)
I never tried to break, I ain’t trying to blame
Your heart for getting in the way ey I let you fall
I could of caught you but, I let go of it all


(Verse 2)

Been down this road before though
Skeletons hang in my wardrobe
Two more I’m running out of coat hangers
My clothes folded in my draws though

Couple things missing that she never gave back
I gave back a couple things she was missing
I bet she probably threw em’ out and she hate that
This motherfucker really given her a good dicking
Acting like ‘I don’t give a fuck’s’ not a figure of speech
I heard that from her at least twice a week and she’d
Still be underneath vocalizing broken English
I’d get her open, finish, then we wouldn’t speak

Figured at least if I called it’d make sense
The last phone bill was higher then the rent though
That’s why I text bitches now amongst other things
I’m just not committed, to giving them a ring

(Bridge 1)
What you expect me, to get on one knee
While I’m wearing the crown?
I expect you, to get on two
When shit be going down

I think about you when I don’t know who I am
Cause I know you know the D better when I’m in your hands
And you can blame it on the fact I be a man
Or better yet just let it rest we’ll talk about it when I can

Fools and kings, and kings
Fools and kings, and kings


(Verse 3)
When I hit the booth it’s like therapy
I’ve got written truths you wouldn’t dare to speak
I’ve got new problems like every week
Fifty-two my new bitch fifty-three

And that’s nothing to do with her company
Just another one still in love with me
And I love her too, at least I think I do
But I could never say that as a fuckin’ groom

(Ah) clear the room I’m going back to basics
My new shit making your old playlist
My Soundcloud is getting saved to favourites
The reign is on and that’s the shit I’ve wasted

The old me was like shit I’m wasted
On some midday shit, texting away (ey)
Drinking from a chalice like I owned a fuckin palace
Like I’ll see you out later if I make it

(Bridge 2)
But I act a fool (huh) tell me why I act a fool
I said, King!
But I act a fool (huh) tell me why I act a fool
I said, King!
But I act a fool (huh) tell me why I act a fool
I said, King!
But I act a fool (huh) tell me why I act a

Track Name: Ms. Fortune
Even when I was wrong I got my point across
Plus I’m fuckin’ bitches ain’t my homegirls now

(Verse 1)
Uh, feel like I’m being, bottle fed from Aristotle
I hit 21 and it all went full throttle
Looking for something greater, saying it’s not the cheese
But trying to grasp the present without ripping the paper

Hard to give patience, when you’re living in angst
Harder to see the ceiling and give praise and thanks
When you don’t really know who is even listening to you
Feeling miss understood like I paid for the private room

I’ve been looking at her and a portrait of Ms. Fortune
Coldest bitches I know, I’m warming to a divorce soon
I’ve been paying for one while the other ain’t on a prenup
I just want to be free’d up and all accounts to cease up

But I ain’t gangbanging these were separate relations
In saying that though, I would have welcomed a threesome
I’m just glad that we never set the occasion
Cause roses don’t last but smell for a reason

Ever since I met you (huh) Ms. Fortune
I’ve been feeling Ms. Understood, and I hate fuckin’ her too
You both drive me crazy, and this ain’t nothing new
Mistakes the only one that’d really understand my point of view

(Verse 2)
Uh, I’ve got the monkey on my back and I keep going bananas
I’ve gotta peel so I can stay calmer
Like what goes around will come back harder
Attracting a, coward I’m trying to be a mater

I try to act better hoping I can prosper
Instead I’m expecting a Logie or an Oscar
That’s the, attitude problem of a
Generation why the fuck would I bother

Doing anything if there’s no rewards to reap
Within a week or less I can’t afford to keep
Trying and trying this shit is so tyring
I just keep lying till I fall asleep
Then I see, Ms. Fortune in my dreams
Complete with a projector and a big screen
Comparing everybody’s highlight reels
To my behind the scenes


We’re through
We’re through
Told you we’re through
We’re through

Yeah, yeah

We’re through

*Bonus Track*


(Verse 1)
11 am in berlin, brain clear as mud
I woke up fucked up, my head feeling the thud
Thank my liver for taking high ground during the flood
But alarm we aren’t speaking, feeling the bad blood

Body trying to process, waiting on shit to load
Ironically this hostel got like 95 windows
And I was supposed to be at the airport
For a 10 o’clock flight, ahuh, Yeah right

No for real though, I should have touched down now in heathrow
Yet I’m packing my bags like where did my room key go?
Outside is freezing, meaning below zero
Why is the AC on, this ain’t the san siro

Anyway here we go, I left wombats
Bags packed headed over to Rosa-Luxemborg Platz
Rode on the S-Bahn to Alexander Platz
Been here about a week, barely know where I’m at

Underground in the station, dumbfounded and pacing
Matching numbers with colours can’t fuckin read the language
Starting to get impatient like where’s the plane symbol
Not so, plain and simple with no, German education

Well fuck it had enough of wating, I’ll bus it when I find the station
My mind ain’t livin’ on cloud nine that’s why outside is raining
The opposite of relief, is offered an invitation
Through eyes of intimidation by the office of immigration

They, would’ve picked me from a mile away
Lookin’ like, I wasn’t sure if it was night or day
Ey, All I know is I’m thirsty, that machine is vending
A tall order of water, yes I need plenty

I swear at this point, choose it over a model
Threw my hands on it, twisted open the bottle
Then I heard a (tssssssss), my head dropped
Thinking fuckin’ soda water may as well be egg nog

Welcome to Murphys law, I know I’ve been here before
Looking like a circular room surrounded by doors
Fuck it I’ll get a cab, pay up when you play up
On my way to London 200 euros later

(uhuh uhuh) Said I
Spent a couple of Euros (Oh), spent a couple of Euros (Oh)
Ballin on a budget but fuck it I mean you know
Pour it all out before I kick the bucket
So If I survive tick the bucket off the list

Ballin’ on a budget.
Ballin’ on a budget..
Ballin’ on a budget
But fuck it I mean you know..
Track Name: Do What You Do
An 18 year old from Brissy went a little red in the face when he told me he played the blues.
I just turned to him. I said “Do what you do.”

Yeah man
Do what you do

(Yeah, yeah, do what you do)
(Ey ey)

Seeing people like J. Cole give Harvard lectures
Got me looking up to rappers instead of professors

(Do what you do)

Do what you do, like money ain’t an issue (ain’t an issue)
Ey, Do what you do like bullshit never hit you and just

(Do what you do)

I’m doin’ mine (doin’ mine)
Doin’ mine (doin’ mine)
This that Daley (that Daley Daley)
That Daley Daley Grind (ey)

Do what you do

I’m doin’ mine (doin’ mine)
Doin’ mine (doin’ mine)
This that Daley (that Daley Daley)
That Daley Daley Grind (ey)

Do what you do

(Verse 1)
Cause when the buck stops who got problems? It’s not me
I ship it off to the people keep on doing my thing
It's obvious that we some fools and kings
I never mention the music they all expect me to sing

Or pluck strings, give the drummer some or play the keys
I'm black… Milk the way I rap over beats
Eminem set a trend that'd let an artist breathe
And mend together the pieces of broken heart on my sleeve (huh)

I probably sound like Royce, I don't have a choice
I really mean it I been on the bus without a voice
For 5 years, too and from school with my ears manifested
‘Do you think you're black?’ Was the question

Looking back, hearing that, must have been, thick skinned
Either that, or I paid attention to the disc man
Disc in, powerful enough to call it sicknin’
Spittin images middle finger up listenin’ to

(Sing for the moment drop in)
These ideas are nightmares to white parents
Who's worst fear is a child with dyed hair and who likes earrings
Like whatever they say has no bearing
It's so scary the amount I allowed for caring

What they had to say, I pray for em’ to this day
Cause they, struggle to see themselves washing away
In the tabs and the liquor and the green and the pills
Yeah you rad, yeah you sicker, oh that's lean? yeah you ill (fuckboy)

You a, shit pile, who you inspiring?
You living to die, while I'm dying to live I’m grinding
I am, Daley and that's word to my name
It all changed the same day I wrote ain't a game (yeah)

I rap, I'm from Carindale, I'm pale and fail
To give a fuck about anybody for real
Yeah Pharrel, I am other fuck all you mother fuckers
Who didn't make the cut, now I'm sayin' what what!


(Verse 2)
This 24, thought I'd save for a feature spot
But fuck it, like the D ain't really keen for the box
Instead, i'll keep the gwap get mad head and props
The first, 48 was more like a warning shot

I reload on em’ like it's Ironlak emissions
But nobody want beef, like they're iron deficiant
The commission, Po! shining on em’ with every rhyme and
My position, don't get it twisted I'll out spit em’

Hit em’ harder then anyone, who you heard in a minute
Pop up from nowhere like ‘shit, he means business’
With the DG as my first release
Didn't cop the freebees on beats had a lesson to teach

That didn't deserve just converting an mp3
Off of youtube (pshh) you dudes is fuckin’ weak
You got no faith in your speech, raps is make believe
You rapping over what's poppin' regardless of the genre, please

I mean, I know, I'm saying do what you do
For the populous, (ha) obviously not for you
I came I saw I gave my story for who?
For me, The Daley Grind EP

I thank you for listening, if you relate you a king
We all got shit to handle so do your thing
Keep on keeping on, do it by any means
Cause between heaven and hell, we living our dream

Track Name: They Already Know
(Verse 1)
Here I go you already know (uh)
Nothing about me but now I’m in your scope so
Hate it or love it but the game chose me
And I’m just getting warmed up singing doe rei me

They all, thinking that I remained low key
Like I’ve been here for years and it ain’t no thing
Dirt off my shoulder, I must have came from
The same strand of disease that is HOV (you think?)

Oh oh oh oh and they already know
And if they don’t mamma, I’mma, I’mma let em know (woah)
Yeah, and I’ll be sure these pussies never forget it
I’m repenting for saying both of them in the same sentence (later)

Oh oh oh oh and they already know
And if they don’t mamma, I’mma, I’mma let em know (woah)
Yeah, and I’ll be sure these pussies never forget it
I’m repenting for saying both of them in the same sentence (later)

(Verse 2)
That’s why I’m rapped up
It feel’s better when you don’t but applause is better than getting the clap uh
And growing up in the city that I’m from
You loose sight of yourself when you’re knowing everyone, else

Still there’s times when you feel alone
Dinner for one knowing no one else is coming home
But fuck love, we just love to fuck
I just hate serving two come breakfast and lunch


(Verse 3)
Knives, forks, spoon, thousand island sauce (knife!)
Cut the foreplay straight to main course
Not the entrée, I said
Uh, I love garlic bread and head

That being said, who gon’ do me the combo
Followed by Lebron v Rondo
I ain’t talkin’ the court do the math
Not the numbers on the board check the numbers on the backs (hey)

Hey ho, They already know
And if they don’t mamma I’mma let em’ know (Ohh)
That’s my M.O.D.E. on the low
Cause It might take a minute before you’re wit it but yo, yo

Hey ho, They already know
And if they don’t mamma I’mma let em’ know (Ohh)
That’s my M.O.D.E. on the low
Cause It might take a minute before you’re wit it but yo, yo

(Verse 4)
That’s where the beauty lies
Picture this it’s like a guy in the city looking typical in suit and tie
Beside that another photo of a Jewish guy
In a synagogue praying for the sins of you and I

But the suit and tie walking through a storm
Completely dry, sporting a gold crown of thorns
As for the Jewish guy, drawn devil horns
I’d like y’all to clap for escaping the norm

(Clap), (Clap), (Clap), (Clap), (Hey!)


*Bonus track*
One Two

Yeah, On the day I fail to wake
Say something at the wake
If they ask where to bury him
Make it at 15 Millenium

Yeah, Say something at the wake

If they ask where to bury him
Make it at 15 Millenium
With a DGK 8.12
A nice one too
Make that shit come true
And leave a mic there too
So I can check 1, 2

(Verse 1)
I was born into this house, none other
Had a dad he had a spouse, my mother, she was tougher then tough mudder
She taught me the course of life for how I saw it
And nothing was forced forward unless it was important

I’d be exploring every inch of the fortress
Mind of a child, buck wild yet cautious
Picking up things, ripping things, licking things
To choking on a bone trying to eat a chicken wing

Cutting an apple became a finger massacre
Hunger had to wait so the doctor could wrap it up
And now everytime I see that scar I’m smiling
So everywhere I go that’s just home, reminding

Me of things like my first memory
Unwrapping birthday presents I was 3
Surrounded by my grandmother, parents and my brothers
Celebrating our 3rd year here with one another

Yet, I can hardly remember last year
Due to the parties, spirits and the beer
But I ain’t been away from this place of joy and mistakes
So ey


(Verse 2)
That’s how my childhood was spent no price would match it
Became a teen now I, needed a bigger mattress
Cause most of these girls were peaking up on their flat chest
I was trampolining my bed like it’s a crash test

Damn, that reminds me of crash dummies
Regret emptying my basket for money
Like later street sharks, peace biker mice from mars
Gotta go Gi Joe, Action man you went hard

Traded in my transformers for a camcorder
After school at a school we were skateboarders
Had a crew, my cousin, two other dudes
Every god damn day, weekends and afternoons

At 15 then we started city missions
Met at skatebiz 10am shit was religion
Hit the streets, some weeks, 40 deep


(Verse 3)
Yo, And to this day, I’ve never moved
Been here 21 years come june it’s 22
I'm feelin' like my stay is a little overdue
And the bed is still single women looking confused

Like I give a fuck, wait yeah I do
Still hit it, still in it what's a little less room
you were frontin’ in the cab like you had nothin’ to lose
But the mattress got you actin like a virgin when you move (Ha)

And I ain't got a curfew anymore
But my mother's on the other side of the wall
I gotta go, this adult, and a half household
Got me feeling like yo, I gotta grow (uh)

Confessions of the last one at home
Excited to leave but don't wanna leave her alone
Or, confessions of the last one at home
Like yo, It's time to go


On the day I fail to wake
So on the day I fail to wake
Say something at the wake